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ba in psych.
ma in program evaluation.
phd in sass.

Because that's just the tippy top of the iceberg when it comes to designing  courses and digital programs that are engaging, has your peeps hanging on every word, AND has them actually IMPLEMENTING your brilliance!

I'm on a mission to shake up the way online coaches think about their courses and digital programs.

I'm so happy you're here!

We are going WAY beyond the standard industry advice of "start with your transformation and work backwards." 

My journey with course creation actually begins with me as a course *taker*. 

Picture: I'm hype AF because I just purchased my first course from a reputable coach in the online space. I'm READY to dive in and have my life changed (you know the feeling, right?)

But, as I moved through the content I was mostly unimpressed. And I actually spent the majority of my time CRITIQUING the course structure, the delivery of the information, and the quality of the workbooks. GULP.

Not the kind of reaction you want when someone's taking your course, amirite?

I chalked it up to a lousy experience and moved on. Eventually I purchased another course. And another. And THE SAME thing kept happening; a killer sales page, lofty promises, and courses that fell flat. 

And that's when I realized, the problem wasn't the coaches or their expertise. These coaches ARE amazing at what they do. They ARE here to help people.

The problem was that they just never learned how to effectively translate their coaching genius into a self study course. 

Because most of the "learn to create a course" courses are actually about marketing a course. . . not creating one.

With my background in psychology and program evaluation (a fancy way to say: making sure programs are working the way the creators meant for them to), I felt like there needed to be a shift in course creation in the online coaching space.

I wanted to bring a bigger focus to (1) ensuring top notch delivery of content, and (2) following up to see how courses are actually working for students.

Not that learning how to market and launch your course isn't important. But so is knowing how we visually process information, how adult brains learn, how behavior change works, and how to make sure your students are getting the results you wanted them to get. 

So let's change what it means to be a course creator, shall we?

- Virginia R. , copywriter

"Kristina's ability to see the big picture and really understand how people process information the most effective way makes her an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur"

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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My values:

... but I HATE flying. I'm convinced the engines are going to stop working and we'll fall out of the sky #sendhelp


I'm Michigan born and raised but my absolute DREAM is to move to Colorado and live next to the Rocky Mountains.


 I love learning new things about the brain, behavior, mindset, and how to live more fully. 


If you need someone to talk to about her music, easter eggs, and new albums.... I'm your girl. 


Cooking and baking is life. I have a huge sweet tooth, and I'd take a red velvet cupcake over a bag of chips any day. 



Things I love






let's take your course testimonials from
"i loved it!" to "it changed my life."

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